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This repository contains a number of more or less disjoint coding examples and guidelines, though some examples do build on or reference others.

The parent pom.xml builds HTML pages using both Doxygen and compiles a number of coding examples. The Doxygen output includes both content extracted from the various Java source files and examples of general technical documentation that demonstrates a number of tools including Markdown, PlantUML, Graphviz and LaTeX.

The HTML generated in this way can be viewed at


To build these examples you must install the following:

In addition, the POM files and build scripts assume that the PLANTUML_JAR environment variable is set to the absolute path of plantuml.jar.

Also, the examples.sty file from this repository must be copied somewhere latex can find it at run time. E.g. on a Mac using MacTeX (the texlive package for Mac OS X), copy examples.sty to _~/Library/texmf/tex/latex/examples/examples.sty_.


Assuming the preceding pre-requisites are met, including the correct definition of the PLANTUML_JAR environment variable and installation of the examples.sty LaTeX package:

git clone
cd examples
mvn clean install

The various code artifacts can be found in their respective modules' target directories, as for any Maven multi-module project. The Doxygen output can be found in the root project's target/html/ directory.